Looking Glass

Locations / Datacenters

Apeldoorn, NL

Datacenter: Serverius DC3
Laan van de Ram 39, 7324 BW Apeldoorn

Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a0d:f301::6
Test Files: 50 MB,  100 MB,  1 GB

Vienna, AT

Datacenter: InterXion VIE1
Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, 1210 Wien

Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a0d:f302:106::6
Test Files: 50 MB,  100 MB,  1 GB

To offer the lowest possible latencies, we operate our servers directly at the carrier-neutral InterXion campus, Austrias largest Internet hub. More details regarding our network (AS40994) can be found on www.peeringdb.com.