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Alle Statusmeldungen zu den Produkten und Services von Alwyzon.

DienstKundenbereichVerfügbarkeit100.00 %StatusFunktionsfähig
DienstNetzwerk & InfrastrukturVerfügbarkeit100.00 %StatusFunktionsfähig
DienstVirtuelle ServerVerfügbarkeit100.00 %StatusFunktionsfähig
DienstPerformance ServerVerfügbarkeit99.81 %StatusFunktionsfähig
DienstStorage ServerVerfügbarkeit100.00 %StatusFunktionsfähig

Statusaktualisierungen können sich je nach technischem Problem um bis zu 30 Minuten verzögern. Scrollen Sie nach unten, um Informationen zu behobenen Vorfällen einzusehen.

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Vergangene Vorfälle

June 20, 2021

Packet Loss in Apeldoorn, NL
We're looking into the issue and will keep you informed with updates as soon as possible. Issue should be resolved; should you still see any packet loss in Apeldoorn please reach out to support.
Resolved at 11:52 UTC

June 14, 2021

Unscheduled Reboot in Apeldoorn, NL
One of the hypervisors in NL requires a rebooted due to a software failure and that same failure blocks the ability to move virtual servers to another hypervisor first. All virtual servers should be back online within 2-5 minutes. All virtual servers on the affected hypervisor have been restarted.
Resolved at 17:35 UTC

June 9, 2021

Hardware Issues on one of the Performance Server Hypervisors
We're looking into the issue and will keep you informed with updates as soon as possible. Clients have been moved to another node to avoid any further downtime.
Resolved at 7:48 UTC

June 4, 2021

Scheduled Maintenance in Vienna
Scheduled network maintenance on 2021-06-04. No customer impact expected. Maintenance completed.
Resolved at 22:30 UTC